Welcome to Writer’s Bloc, the series on Metal Injection where artists pick their favorite song from their brand new record and talk a little about it! For this installment, we’ve got Coffin Storm‘s Apollyon (Aura NoirLamented Souls) talking about the band’s debut album Arcana Rising. Check out Apollyon‘s answers below and get Arcana Rising here. You can also check out the entirety of the Writer’s Bloc series here.

What is your favorite song from Arcana Rising?

“Open the Gallows”

Why’s it your favorite?

“I’m just really satisfied with it. The riffs, the way it’s built. Initially I planned it to be an instrumental but fortunately we had Fenriz sing on it after all. Great vocals. I like that he sings almost unison with the guitar riff on the chorus and the way he sings right after Arild‘s übercool and long guitar lead gives me goosebumps. I still get them many times during the song and I don’t notice that it’s over 10 minutes long. I want it to last longer.

“There are a lot of semi-clever moves that one might not hear the first time. Like riffs changing slightly when they come back having parts of other riffs added to them etc. And the penultimate riff gives me a Master Of Puppets-like feeling and I dig that it’s based on the guitar intro harmony… and that the harmony thing returns on top of it before it fades out.”

Why was it not a single?

“It’s going to be the second ‘single’. Release date is March 29th [the day of the album release].

“The record label asked me which two songs I would like them to release before the album and I said any of the first three. I’m very proud of all of them. And they suggested to do ‘Over Frozen Moors’ first and then the terribly long ‘Open The Gallows’ the day of the album release.”

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