Kreator is reissuing their 2005 album Enemy Of God and the 2009 follow-up Hordes Of Chaos on May 24 as one big box set. The set features both albums completely remastered alongside a demon mask, two Kreator comics, and both albums on CD and vinyl. Both feature bonus tracks, as well as Kreator‘s entire 2005 appearance at Wacken Open Air.

You can check out the Moses Schneider remix of “Hordes Of Chaos” below and pre-order the box here. As for what Kreator has been up to lately, all we know is that there’s some big stuff in the works!

In a recent interview with Subculture Entertainment, frontman Mille Petrozza shared exciting details about their upcoming projects: “There’s gonna be a big tour in Europe, that we haven’t announced yet, for the end of ’24. There’s gonna be huge festivals that we’re gonna play. And we’re gonna work on new music. I’m working, at the moment as we speak, I’m working on new music.”

Petrozza also revealed plans for new music and Kreator documentary which also be in the works: “And there’s gonna be a documentary about the band. The director is gonna follow us around the world. I think she’s coming to Indonesia and Japan with us, maybe also Australia. We haven’t talked about that yet. The documentary will be like a year in the life of Kreator or something. We’ll see how it develops. She’s gonna follow us around with the camera. And that’s not like a low-budget kind of thing. It’s gonna be a cinematic experience. So I’m really excited about that.”

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