It’s times like these that I have to marvel at the ingenuity of death metal bands – specifically their ability to name this. Tombstoner is now streaming their new single “Fuckin’ Nasty” from the upcoming album Rot Stink Rip and I love everything about it. The names, the nasty grooves, the production, everything.

“The title track, Rot Stink Rip, was just the bread,” said Tombstoner of the single. “This song is the soup. And it’s a good soup. As a joke when writing, the demo was named ‘Fuckin’ Nasty’, and obviously, the lyrics had to match that level of nasty. What ensued was a toxic concoction of blood, bodies, and…puke. It’s pornography for psychos, it’s obnoxious, and it’s fucking nasty. We’re proud of this one!”

Rot Stink Rip is out April 26. Pre-orders are available here on Bandcamp and here through the Redefining Darkness store.

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