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Johannesburg-based industrialised thrash metal machine Chaos Doctrine is now streaming their new single “One Of My Bad Days” from the new record Bellum on April 26.

“You try to catch a breath but no such luck. ‘One of My Bad Days’ gives you thrashing beats from drummer extraordinaire Jason Eedes, introducing tales of mass murder devoid of guilt and apology,” said Chaos Doctrine vocalist Dr D.

“This track was released as the third single from the album in July 2023 and was heralded by Metal Hammer as one of two Best New Metal Songs of the Week and 100 Best New Metal Songs of the Year. ‘One of My Bad Days’ is what one would call an instant Chaos Doctrine classic: merciless thrash/death metal with notable hints of their signature industrial, polished off by a vocal performance that doesn’t yield until the very end and a masterfully executed guitar solo.”

Get Chaos Doctrine‘s music here.

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