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Welcome to Writer’s Bloc, the series on Metal Injection where artists pick their favorite song from their brand new record and talk a little about it! For this installment, we’ve got OU vocalist Lynn Wu talking about the band’s sophomore album Frailty (produced by and featuring a guest spot from Devin Townsend). Check out Wu‘s answers below and get Frailty here. You can also check out the entirety of the Writer’s Bloc series here.

What is your favorite song from Frailty?

“My favorite song from our second album is ‘Reborn’.”

Why’s it your favorite?

“When I got this song, its melody attracted me so much. Its rich harmony and simple instrumentation instantly calmed my heart. This tranquility actually gives me strength. It makes me feel light and comfortable from the inside out.”

Why wasn’t it a single?

“Because it is a relatively soft song on the album. In OU, we don’t just meet you as big dynamic metal music. There is also a mysterious and gentle side. These are the appearances and branches of OU. The rich universe and abundant energy are waiting for us to explore.”

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