Rammstein is being sued by French synthwave band Ninja Cyborg for alleged plagiarism. Ninja Cyborg claims Rammstein stole their 2018 song “The Sunny Road” for the 2019 track “Deutschland”, both of which you can check out below.

According to a press release from Ninja Cyborg‘s legal team Phi Avocats, a “musical expert” appointed by the Paris Court of Appeal has determined that Ninja Cyborg has a case. The first hearing for the lawsuit will be on September 10 of this year.

The statement from Phi Avocats is as follows: “The dispute stems from a debate sparked in 2020, when Rammstein fans accused Ninja Cyborg of plagiarizing their song ‘Deutschland’, released in 2019, with their song ‘Sunny Road’, nonetheless released several months before, in 2018.

“Three years later, the Paris Court of Appeal appointed musical expert has concluded that, on the contrary, Rammstein deliberately borrowed the riff and other melodic elements of ‘Sunny Road’, in ‘Deutschland’ and that ‘no mere coincidence’ is possible, given the ‘too many similarities’, concluding that Rammstein has ‘without a doubt’ committed plagiarism.

“These conclusions were delivered on October 9th, 2023, by the expert.

“Wrongly accused of plagiarism, the members of Ninja Cyborg, supported by their publisher Music Unit can now rely on this expertise and the fact that the ‘similarities are indeed the result of voluntary borrowing’ to assert their rights before the Intellectual Property Chamber of the Paris Judicial Court.”

Rammstein has not yet addressed these accusations.

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