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Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes recently revealed in an interview with This Day In Metal that he’s slowly approaching two years of sobriety. In the interview, Barnes said sobriety was something he wanted to accomplish in his life, and clearly he’s doing a great job with it.

“I don’t smoke cannabis anymore,” said Barnes. “I haven’t for about a year and a half,” he said. “But previously, I would use it in all aspects of my daily life. And it was a wonderful meditative tool to use to write lyrics to, of course, yeah. I enjoyed that a lot.”

“No, it’s actually beneficial to your health, so I wouldn’t say that was any part of it. It was just, I guess, something I just wanted to do personally… [It’s been] year and a half [of] no cannabis, no alcohol. So it’s kind of changed gears a little in my life.”

Six Feet Under has a new record called Killing For Revenge due out May 10 (the first single is pretty damn good), though they’re also coming up on 30 years of their debut album Haunted. When asked if Six Feet Under has any special 30th anniversary plans for Haunted, Barnes gave a pretty resounding “not really.”

“No there’s nothing planned like that. I mean we did a ’21 Years of Haunted’ in Europe few years back, did a tour, and we played the whole album. It’s kind of a common thing people do and I’ve done it already – it really didn’t mean too much at the time, so it’s kind of like, yeah. Probably [nothing].

“It’s really nice that we’ve been around this long. This is my this actually my 35th year on Metal Blade records, so I’m really proud of that and that to me is a huge milestone. So that’s really where I’m at with that stuff.”

He added: “I don’t really tend to look back on things so much. I’ve always kind of lived in the moment and I’m more concerned about what’s next.”

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