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Banana clips are hot again thanks to Allison Lanier on Y&R. There’s no doubt Chance Chancellor Loves Summer in the Shower, but what does Mommy Phyllis think?

Chance Chancellor loves Summer in the shower on Y&R.

Hungover Phyllis Could Not Be More Proud (w/ Q&A)

Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) could not be more happy & her mother Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) could not be more proud.

Hungover Phyllis with Glasses & In love Summer at Society on Y&R.

Fortunately, for Summer, she was able to convey her feelings of her first overnight with Chance Chancellor (Connor Floyd) to her mother with out having to provide details verbally. Phyllis doesn’t need to know just yet that Chance Chancellor loves Summer in the shower.

For the most part, Young & the Restless fans are on board with this new couple & Phyllis is 110%.

Thank, God.

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) can see his way out of Genoa City… Maybe to find Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) in New York.

Chance Chancellor Loves Summer in the Shower, Y&R

Young & the Restless fans can easily argue that Chance sleeping with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) inside her office at Crimson Lights was hotter than Chance & Summer’s first night together. However, Chance & Summer’s follow intimate time in the shower inside her suite at the GCAC that session with Sharon by far.

It’s not surprising hungover & heartbroken Phyllis Summers is ultra-supportive of her daughter Summer winning the contest for Chance Chancellor running against her Summer’s ex-step-mother who doubles as one of Phyllis’ nemesis.

What Happens Next? Who Will Phyllis Kiss Next on Y&R?

In light of Summer’s happiness with Chance, will Phyllis forget that she attempted to kiss 2 of her exes the night before — Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) & Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow)?

Has Danny really left Genoa City to go on tour? If so, did he bring Phyllis’ least favorite little bug, Cricket (Lauralee Bell)?

When can Young & the Restless fans see more of Summer & Chance??

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