Original Despised Icon guitarist, producer, and sound guy Yannick St-Amand sadly lost his house and all his belongings in a recent house fire. Despised Icon has since launched a GoFundMe to help St-Amand and his family get back on their feet, and cover all the stuff insurance doesn’t (like all his musical equipment). You can donate here.

“Last week, our beloved Yannick St-Amand his wife, and four children suffered a great tragedy, losing their entire house and all of their belongings in a devastating fire,” wrote Despised Icon. “Yannick is literally the 7th member of our band. He’s our original guitar player, he has produced all of our albums, plus he’s our sound man when we play live and has done sound on every one of our live shows since our comeback in 2016. He is praised by many after every show for the quality of his work.

“Even though Yannick and his family have insurance, there are a lot of things that aren’t covered – like all of his music and sound equipment, IE; how he makes his living. Our love for Yannick and his family is immense and our hearts go out to him beyond measure.

“Please consider donating to this GoFundMe helping to raise funds to assist in the wake of this great loss.”

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