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In anticipation of the momentous 50th anniversary of the legendary Motörhead, Z2 has orchestrated a colossal tribute that promises to immerse fans in the legendary tales of Lemmy Kilmister like never before.

NO REMORSE: The Illustrated True Stories of Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead embarks on a heartfelt journey through the reminiscences of those who shared profound connections with the rock maestro, effectively encapsulating his indelible legacy.

This 176-page opus kicks off with a personal foreword by Dave Grohl and an afterword by Lemmy‘s longtime friend Ozzy Osbourne, setting the stage for a riveting collection of narratives from 25 rockstar contributors and acclaimed illustrators. From Lars Ulrich to Slash, Dee Snider to Dave Navarro, a constellation of musical luminaries and creatives converge to weave a rich tapestry of personal encounters with Lemmy, also including his bandmates Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee, and Slim Jim Phantom.

Each anecdote is brought to life through the artistry of illustrious illustrators like Dave Chisholm and Jim Mahfood, offering a kaleidoscope of visual interpretations that mirror the multifaceted essence of Lemmy‘s character. The cover art, crafted by comic book legend Tim Bradstreet, further elevates the homage with a holographic coating that reverberates with the spirit of Motörhead‘s iconic frontman.

“Anyone who ever crossed paths with Lemmy Kilmister left with a very unique experience and stories to share for a lifetime,” says Josh Bernstein, Z2 President, and the book’s co-editor/designer. “The outpouring of those stories from his friends and family, paired with some of underground art’s greatest illustrators, brings Lemmy and Motörhead roaring back to life on every page.”

True to Z2’s tradition of delivering collectible masterpieces, the book offers a range of exclusive editions, each adorned with artifacts from Lemmy‘s personal collection. For instance, the “All-Access” Edition features a framed AAA Artist Pass from Lemmy’s 70th birthday party at the Whisky A Go-Go; and the 1:25 “Backstage” Edition comes with a framed original 2012-2013 Motörhead tour laminate.

The “No Remorse” editions of the book will come with an exclusive white vinyl variant of the legendary Motörhead double LP, No Remorse, a poster triptych set by renowned designer Hydro74, and a three-card collectors set presented in a custom frame featuring the art of the iconic thrash-metal painter Ed Repka.

All collector editions will include the oversized deluxe volume of the NO REMORSE: The Illustrated True Stories of Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead book contained in a metallic foil embossed slipcase, with die cuts that reveal the holographic coating on Lemmy’s classic aviator specs on the cover of the book.

Pre-order your edition of choice here.

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