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Hey there!

Have you ever felt that gentle nudge, that persistent whisper urging you toward something more significant? It’s like a subtle invitation, a call from deep within to rise to a higher level of understanding and insight.

Just take a moment to think about it.

When we are the best version of ourselves, staying true to our beliefs, God’s voice softly says, “Come on up. There’s more to see.”

But, you know, there’s trickery in temptation with the enemy. It often dresses up as progress, enticing us to climb, leaving us tangled in confusion and disappointment.

It’s like walking a tightrope without a safety net. And when we fall for the enemy’s illusion of “going higher,” there’s no one there to catch us.

Yet, it’s a different story when God raises us with His grace.

It’s like stepping onto a vast plain where we can breathe freely, clarity surrounds us, and the view is absolutely stunning. Can you picture it?

Now, take a moment to look back on your journey. Can you see the growth? Can you feel the shift in perspective? It’s incredible to see how far you’ve come and how your outlook has changed, isn’t it?

God doesn’t just hand us truths and leave us hanging. He wants us to live them out every single day, letting them shape our choices and actions.

He’s calling us to walk the talk, to embrace His guiding light with every step we take.

And growth? It’s not just about moving forward; it’s about gaining wisdom, understanding where we stand spiritually, and listening closely for God’s gentle whispers guiding us to higher ground.

Remember Abraham? God didn’t keep him in the dark. He revealed His plans as Abraham’s character matured, as his faith deepened. It’s a reminder to trust, even when the bigger picture eludes us.

So, my friend, let’s rise higher together, embracing our spiritual journey through the depths of our character.

Keep climbing, keep growing, and have faith that with each step, you’re drawing closer to exactly what God has for you.

I am Wildly Cheering You,

🤍 Alita 🤍 


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