In the style of Donald Trump on The Apprentice, Lily Winters fired Daniel & Heather on Y&R. Daniel Romalotti’s new GF will need something to do & that will be to sue C-W…

Daniel Romalotti's new GF, Heather Stevens on Young & the Restless

…& this might happen on The Young & the Restless…

Wrongful Termination on Y&R, Lily Fires Daniel & Heather

Despite Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) & Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom) not at all being the first couple to cheat when being in a relationship let alone a marriage, they have been feeling the heat in both Genoa City & Y&R fans.

Young & the Restless fans across social media cannot stand Daniel & Heather. However, Y&R fans LOVE Lily Winters (Christel Khalil).

Regardless, what happens next? Lily fired Daniel & Heather from Chancellor Winters for personal reasons without even taking a minute or ten to think about it.

Will Young & the Restless fan favorite Lily Winters regret being hasty with firing her attorney at C-W in public at Crimson Lights for sleeping with her now ex-boyfriend Daniel Romalotti? Or, will she have to lawyer-up with out a lawyer?

The Phyllis Summers Severance Package: MIA on Y&R

Remember when Daniel hired his mother Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) at Omegasphere after she came back from the dead? Young & the Restless fans likely remember this. However, Y&R fans likely cannot recall the last time Phyllis actually put in any hours working on Omegasphere as part of C-W.

Actually, it’s quite possible that Phyllis has put in about as many hours in at Omegasphere as Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) has inside the Jabot lab in recent memory.

So, is Phyllis Summers still employed at C-W & she’s the only Romalotti-related employee on the inside after Daniel & Heather were let go by Lily? Or, did Phyllis & C-W already part ways & Young & the Restless fans are out of the loop?

Daniel & Heather are receiving a severance package as per Lily Winters. What about Phyllis?

Daniel Romalotti’s New GF Can Find Work, Not Daniel

That’s right. Daniel Romalotti’s new girlfriend Heather Stevens can find work. She’s a freaking lawyer. She got Daniel’s mother Phyllis out of doing time for both faking her death & killing Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) not long ago.

However, what does Daniel have to offer an employer at this point without Omegasphere? Enter Daniel’s new girlfriend who’s an incredible attorney to find a solution…

Heather Will Be Fine, Daniel Needs Omegasphere

Lily Winters will regret the day she fired Daniel & Heather at Crimson Lights from Chancellor Winters. Despite all of the fan-favorite love by Y&R fans, that decision was nothing else but short-sighted & done on a whim.

Should Lily have to tolerate seeing Daniel & Heather on a daily basis at the office after what has happened? Absolutely not. However, there is a right way & a wrong way of doing things.

Lily could have taken more time to figure out a professional exit strategy for Daniel & Heather at C-W. Perhaps Lily could have attempted to sell Omegasphere to Daniel or another party in Genoa City. Chancellor Winters could have made money & Lily would not find herself being sued by her ex-boyfriend’s new lover who’s also his ex-wife.

There’s no doubt that Heather Stevens will do everything in her power to protect Daniel & his latest career move that helped bring them back together. Unfortunately, for Lily, there will be at least a few “I told you so’s” headed her way.

The Future of Omegasphere, Daniel Romalotti’s New GF

Tic, Toc… It’s time for Heather Stevens to sue Chancellor Winters to gain control of Omegasphere for her new boyfriend/former husband Daniel Romalotti. After all, what is Daniel without Omegasphere?

Heather Stevens will win, but where will Omegasphere land?

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