Letallis is now streaming their new single “A Thousand And One Nights” from the upcoming EP A Thousand And One Nights – Chapter 1. The EP was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jake Calonius, and you can stream it below and on Spotify here!

“Like a Russian doll of storytelling, this EP is a journey within a journey, with ‘A Thousand And One Nights’ serving as the central frame story that sets the stage for the tales that follow. This will be the first E.P. in a series of 3, all conceptual based around the Arabian Nights. I look forward to sharing these stories with everyone”

On the EP itself, the band added: “This music has been crafted to take you along the ride of the classic literary stories that transcend time. Filled with peaks, valleys, intimate moments and aggressive passages, each song is made to take the listener along the journey.”

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