The Big Texas Metal Fest will take place at The Far Out Lounge in Austin, TX between May 24 and 26. The full lineup has finally been revealed and it includes Hatebreed, reunion sets from All Shall Perish and The Red Chord, Atreyu with a “special guest”, and more!

The full lineup is:

May 24

  • Hatebreed
  • Throwdown
  • Fugitive
  • Portrayal Of Guilt
  • Ballista
  • Houses We Die In
  • Inner Self
  • Lie
  • Visions Of Morality

May 25

  • Atreyu (+ special guest)
  • Paleface Swiss
  • Bleeding Through
  • Impending Doom
  • At All Cost
  • Fox Lake
  • Notions
  • BRAT
  • DGMA
  • Dispositions
  • Lantic Blue
  • Left IV Dead
  • Virtue

May 26

  • All Shall Perish
  • Upon A Burning Body
  • The Red Chord
  • Unearth
  • Signs Of The Swarm
  • Gideon
  • Within The Ruins
  • The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
  • Wretched
  • Heavy//Hitter
  • Death Of A Dream
  • Last Night Of Solace
  • Living Hollow
  • Lockjaw

Tickets are available here.

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