Kittie is back with their second reunion single and, much like the first one “Eyes Wide Open”, it’s a perfect blend of catchy and headbang-worthy. I mean seriously, who had “Kittie releases one of the best records of 2024″ on their list for this year?

“‘We Are Shadows’ is about the uncertainty of a future that we can no longer control. We have come to a critical place in life and in our world, and much like an eclipse overtaking the sun, we are losing the light,” said Kittie vocalist and guitarist, Morgan Lander.

“The image of shadows slowly fading in the evening darkness, and the analogy of ‘us’ as shadows in the night really illustrates the possibility of slowly fading into oblivion. It is not a song of hope however, it’s a song of coming to terms with the damage we do and acceptance of our fate. We’ve let darkness take hold, and so we are resolved to fade in the night with it.”

All we know so far is that Kittie is plotting a new record called Fire due out sometime later this year via Sumerian Records. As for why 2024 was the perfect time for a reunion, Lander said in a recent interview with Metal Hammer that the world was simply ready for Kittie once again.

“I just think that the world is ready for us now,” said Lander. “A lot of the things that we were doing 25 years ago were still… I don’t want to say controversial, but they seemed so new. It definitely has a lot to do with a shift in thinking and acceptance and representation in the years since the very first time that Kittie came out. Sometimes it just takes the world a bit of time to catch up and appreciate those things.”

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