This week keeping Y&R on budget meant giving Ashley Abbott 2 extra personalities & an insane love interest to Kyle Abbott. If all this WTF on Y&R made you FF, this scoop is for you…

This week’s Weekly #WTF on Y&R

Ashley Abbott, Now With Pigtails & a Chromebook

Ongoing, Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) damn mind is MIA on Y&R & now it’s been replaced with (2) other personalities…

Y&R on budget, Ashley Abbott's multiple personalities.

In case you were not getting enough of Ashley Abbott, now there are (3) versions to keep track of. Is there a point to all of this? Or, are Ashley’s multiple personalities merely a means to keep Y&R on budget?

Now filling in for professional Ashley Abbott who used to work on a regular basis, is Ashley Abbott with pigtails in her hair binge-watching TV on her Chromebook in the Abbott living room.

In Ashley’s defense, the Abbott living room does not seem to have a television. However, wouldn’t she have one in her room? On the other hand, regardless of having a television, she could be binge-watching while wearing pigtails in her bedroom without her roommates noticing.

Eileen Davidson Plays (3) Roles, Keeps Y&R on Budget

In addition to reducing sets on Young & the Restless, the number of actors & actresses is being controlled as well. Why bring on a couple of new faces to Y&R when Eileen Davidson can play (3) version of Ashley Abbott?

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) had his hands full already with a few key women in his life. Now he has to deal with even more Ashley than before. Now of all people, in Genoa City, Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) is trying to help Jack help Ashley.

Jack Abbott isn’t buying what Tucker is selling quite yet, but he may be soon as long as Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) continues to call him for impromptu AA meetings at all hours of the day or night.

Kyle Abbott’s On Budget Attempt at Love on Y&R

Is this Y&R on budget or Abbott’s on budget? In addition to giving Eileen Davidson (2) additional personalities, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) seems to be on the verge of dating someone who attempted to kill the core of his rival family across town.

Kyle crushes on Claire, Y&R on budget.

Kyle Abbott has been a tool as long as Young & the Restless fans can remember, & now he’s desperate as well.

Instead of focusing on his career & his son Harrison, Kyle digs in with getting to know Claire Grace (Hayley Erin). Kyle does this despite getting the rundown from his ex-wife Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) on Claire before she took residence at The Newman Ranch.

Now that Summer has moved on with Chance Chancellor (Connor Floyd) & he’s already run through Audra Charles’ (Zuleyka Silver) course, the only lady left in town for Kyle to pursue is Claire.

Fortunately, for Y&R writers, they have turned Kyle Abbott into a full-time idiot so dating Claire has a chance at making sense.

The Silver Lining of Y&R on Budget…

At least Young & the Restless fans are almost done hearing about Ashley & Tucker’s cafe experience in Paris. It’s also nice that Kyle isn’t trying to win Summer back after wrapping up things with Audra.

How long will Ashley Abbott keep up multiple personalities? Will she end up being checked into a psych ward?

If Kyle & Claire do date, how long before she relocates from The Newman Ranch to the Abbott Estate?

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