Orange Goblin is back for the first time in six years with a new record Science, Not Fiction due out July 19, and a new single “(Not) Rocket Science” streaming right now. Science, Not Fiction was recorded at Woodworm Studios UK in late 2023, with production and mixing duties carried out by Grammy winning producer Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc.) and mastering conducted by Peter Hewitt-Dutton at The Bakery.

“It is a continuation of what we’ve been doing, and that’s because when we write, it’s a big mixing bowl of all of our influences and favourite artists, and we try and create the perfect band that we always wanted to hear,” said frontman and lyricist Ben Ward.

“This album, it’s just more accomplished and mature, I guess. None of us are spring chickens anymore and we’ve got ten albums under our belts now. I feel like we’re more professional in the recording studio, I feel like we’re better musicians and writers, and now with me looking after myself, I feel like my performance is better as well. It’s all moving in the right direction.”

Pre-orders for Science, Not Fiction are available here.

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