Wardruna has returned from their hibernation with a new single “Hertan” alongside a music video by Finnish director and photographer Tuukka Koski. The single clocks in around seven minutes and is nothing short of all the epic, folky majesty you’d come to expect from the band.

“‘Hertan’ is the proto-Scandinavian word for ‘heart’ and that is exactly what we explore in this in this song and film,” said Wardruna‘s Einar Selvik. “The duality of the heart with the rhythm, flow and pulse we can see, hear, and feel in nature and in all forms of life – and the more abstract idea of the heart, The rudder on the ship of emotions, our decisions, and our true desires.”

On the video, Selvik added: “It is always a true pleasure to create art with Tuukka and his colleagues at Breakfast Helsinki! His experience and eye for detail as well as the ability to always conjure up next-level material, is very inspiring to be part of. Three days, three locations, no sleep but a lot of heart. This is how it went down. Hope you will enjoy the result!”

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