In a recent episode of the Life In The Stocks podcast, Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan hinted at the possibility of recording a full-fledged album with Alice In Chains‘s guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

McKagan revealed that he’s currently lending his bass talents to five tracks on Cantrell’s upcoming solo endeavor, before saying the two have been considering teaming up for a more complete endeavor.

“We’re thinking about doing a joint record at some point. We made a video for that song “‘Just Don’t Know’ [the first single off Duff‘s 2023 solo album Lighthouse]. So we were hanging out with our acoustic guitars, and we wrote like four songs in two or three hours.”

Reflecting on the experience, McKagan expressed his admiration for Cantrell‘s dedication and artistry: “I really appreciate guys like Jerry. It’s really nice for me to work with guys who are basically the exact same age and have been through the exact same shit. I can see him write songs and fight his guitar for whatever lead. It’s so great to watch. He tortures himself to get to this place. Goddammit!”

This potential collaboration isn’t the first time the two musicians have joined forces. McKagan previously lent his bass skills to Cantrell‘s 2021 solo release, Brighten, while Cantrell has reciprocated by contributing guitar work to several McKagan‘s solo endeavors over the years: his most recent solo album Lighthouse, the How To Be A Man EP, which was a companion piece to McKagan‘s book How To Be A Man (And Other Illusions) in 2015, and his 1993’s solo effort Believe In Me.

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