The push for Texas casino gambling is making headlines again. The state sends thousands of people and millions of dollars to Oklahoma and Louisiana to casinos every year, but somehow can’t seem to get legislation passed within its own borders. Now, the Sands Corporation looks to change that by filing a petition to push the issue forward.

The Texas Destination Resort Alliance, founded in 2021, is championing the petition to bring a host of upscale amenities, including resorts, entertainment options, and top-tier dining experiences, within reach of state residents. Their goal is nothing short of the expansion of Texas gambling.So far, however, any have tried… all have failed to do this.

This initiative reflects the ongoing efforts of the Sands Corporation to influence Texas’ gambling policies. In 2022, the company launched the Texas Sands political action committee (PAC) and committed $2 million to lobby for the legalization of casino gambling. Despite encountering significant hurdles, Sands remains unwavering in its campaign.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (a real wienie, in our opinion) has expressed doubts about garnering adequate support from Republican legislators in the state Senate for such a measure. Nevertheless, Miriam Adelson, widow of the late Sheldon Adelson, has been vocal in her desire to introduce casino gambling to Texas.  In February,  a State Representative introduced HJR 97, which outlines a framework for Texas casino gambling by amending the state Constitution to allow for the establishment of casino resorts.