My Dying Bride has dropped off Maryland Death Fest 2024 and has been replaced by Agalloch. The show will be Agalloch‘s East Coast appearance since 2014, and one of the few they’ve done (so far) since reuniting. According to Maryland Death Fest organizers, My Dying Bride has cancelled all their confirmed shows in 2024, though the band themselves have not yet commented on it.

“After 2 months of not receiving responses to our emails, My Dying Bride have recently informed us that they are cancelling all of their confirmed shows in 2024,” said Maryland Death Fest organizers. “We suspect that the band will be posting about this soon, but we’re not waiting around for that because the fest is next month and you deserve to know now.

“In addition to the approved visas that will now go unused, our frustration stems mostly over the fact that there are fans who organized travel around their appearance at MDF, only for the band to cancel in the 11th hour without offering a legitimate reason for doing so. Despite the short notice, Agalloch have confirmed to fill the vacant slot on Friday 5/24.

“This will be an exclusive East Coast appearance for the band – their first such appearance since 2014.”

Organizers later added in a comment: “For the record, we know enough to know that this has absolutely nothing to do with a health matter, so we aren’t being insensitive in that regard.”

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