Super7, the company resonsible for probably every single metal-related action figure you’ve ever seen, is back with a brand new one! This time around, Super7 has tackled Lemmy circa Motörhead‘s 1981 European Tour. The figurine features a 7″ scale, interchangeable heads, hands, and of course Lemmy‘s signature Rickenbacker and whiskey bottle.

Lemmy‘s signature mutton chops, gravelly voice, and unique way of playing the bass guitar helped solidify Motörhead as one of heavy metal’s pioneering acts!” wrote Super7. “This latest 7” scale, highly-articulated Motörhead ULTIMATES! Lemmy figure is inspired by the legendary rocker’s look on the band’s epic 1981 European Tour.

“Featuring intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing, this figure also comes with multiple interchangeable heads and hands, and an assortment of accessories including a black and white bass guitar with removable strap, whiskey bottle, and microphone stand. If you like to gamble, now is not your chance- order your 1981 Tour Motörhead ULTIMATES! Lemmy today!”

Get it here for $55.

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