Doomboyz is here to get you dangerously high thanks to their new single “Lysergic Solution”. Or at least they accurately retell Doomboyz frontman Amit Gilad‘s tale of getting ripped on LSD and trying to go see P-Funk.

“The song ‘Lysergic Solution’ is a hard-driving desert/stoner rock piece,” said Gilad. “The lyrics tell the true story of an LSD-fueled adventure I experienced with friends. We made a pilgrimage to see P-Funk at an Indian casino in the Palm Desert… the events that followed were truly stranger than fiction.

On Doomboyz signing with Regime Music Group, Gilad added: “We are absolutely thrilled to join the team at Regime Music Group. Kevin and Ivory have decades of experience in the industry and their team is extraordinarily knowledgeable and connected. We feel blessed to have such killer support from a crew that really gets the music and aims to win together.”

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