Yob is finally streaming their long out-of-print 2000 demo on Bandcamp. The demo preceded Yob‘s 2002 debut album Elaborations Of Carbon, which featured the band’s solidified lineup of Mike Scheidt, bassist Lowell Iles, and drummer Gabe Morley. The reissue also features new artwork instead of the classic psychedelic one that you can check out right here.

“Originally released on CDR in 2000, with a limited vinyl release in 2009, we are happy to make the original Yob demo available digitally for the first time via Bandcamp,” wrote Yob frontman Mike Scheidt.

“It’s a trip to listen back to these songs, originally recorded in fall of 1999. For my part, I was 29, with 4 year old twins and a new baby. Time was tight, but I had these tunes, and I wanted to record them. I loved the doom and stoner rock of the time, and it shows. Yob‘s music started to change and evolve almost immediately after this demo, but still, warts and all, recording the demo was really exciting. It was an end in itself, with no plans to make it an actual band.

“That changed pretty quickly after I decided to send it to Stonerrock.com to be reviewed. Things took on a life of their own from there. Fast forward to now, nearly 25 years later, and I hear these tunes as the fledgling, imperfect, but sincere love letters that they were. This was the beginning. Enjoy!”

The demo features Scheidt on guitar, bass, and vocals alongside session drummer Greg Ocon. The demo was engineered by Jeff Olsen at Dogwood Recording, transferred by Billy Barnett at Gung Ho studios in August 2020, and remastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios in December 2020. The demo features artwork by Thomas Hooper, and you can get it here.

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