Y&R’s Ashley Abbott has now been trapped inside her home & Jack is calling for backup, but will his call be too late for his wife Diane?

Ashley Abbott’s third personality is “Ms. Abbott” & she’s feisty in a violent sort of way. Now that Ms. Abbott is confined to the Abbott Estate, will her target now be her roommate Diane Jenkins?

…& this might happen on The Young & the Restless…

Y&R’s Ashley Abbott 3.0 Goes After Diane 2.0

“You faked your own death, bitch.” ~ Ashley Abbott

Ashley Abbott's Personalities on Young & the Restless

…& now all three versions of Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) are trapped inside the Abbott Estate. Young & the Restless fans were notified today that Ms. Abbott, or Ashley Abbott 3.0, doesn’t so much care for her roommate Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters).

Now that Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) is out of all three of Ashley’s personalities, the next best target for Ms. Abbott is Diane Jenkins back from the dead.

The Town Shrink Has Been MIA for Weeks on Y&R

Young & the Restless fans have been going crazy themselves on social media missing Sharon Newman (Sharon Case).

Related… Isn’t it interesting that Sharon always defaults to Sharon Newman after separating from another marriage?

Anyway… Sharon has been missing for weeks & it’s not clear what she’s been up to. It’s not like Esther Valentine (Kate Linder) has been “generally managing” Crimson Lights on behalf of Sharon. Also, it’s not like Sharon’s daughter & employee Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) has been bogged down filling in at Sharon’s new company in her absence.

Finally, Sharon has not been called upon to help anyone in Genoa City with any recent mental health challenges. Not even Connor Newman with his recent OCD diagnosis.

So, Now that Diane Jenkins is Tolerable, She’s in Danger

What just happened on Young & the Restless? Is Diane Jenkins finally tolerable? She might be but it might not be because of her. This new development is likely courtesy of her dumb ass husband Jack & their dumb ass son Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) who take mail at the same address.

Regardless, Ashley Abbott has lost her mentally stable mind & has replaced it with three others, one of whom wants to kill Tucker McCall. Now that all three Ashley’s are trapped at home & the next best to fill in for Tucker to die is her roommate Diane Jenkins.

Which version of Ashley Abbott will prevail? Will Tucker remain safe & Diane will be left with only herself to watch her back as Ashley’s least favorite roommate inside the Abbott Estate?

What happens if The Town Shrink doesn’t make it out of hiding in time?

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