Welcome to Writer’s Bloc, the series on Metal Injection where artists pick their favorite song from their brand new record and talk a little about it! For this installment, we’ve got Hamferð guitarist Theodor Kapnas talking about the band’s new record, Men Gu​ð​s hond er sterk. Check out Kapnas‘s answers below and get Men Gu​ð​s hond er sterk here. You can also check out the entirety of the Writer’s Bloc series here.

What is your favorite song off your latest record?

“I am quite proud of many of the songs, but if I had to choose one it’d be ‘Hvølja’.”

Why’s it your favorite?

“It’s the ugliest, darkest and most uncompromising song we’ve ever written. There’s not much subtlety to it, we just turned everything to 11, and I’m really stoked on how it turned out.”

Why was it a single?

“We didn’t pick it as the first single, since we felt it might just be a little bit too different from our previous music. And it’s not very catchy 🙂 But we insisted on having it as the second single, both to give the song some extra exposure and to showcase the variety of the album. That also meant that we made a video for it which we’re extremely happy with!”

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