As we all wait to see if Linkin Park actually has a new vocalist, the band has given us all a heavy 2006 b-side named “QWERTY”. The song was originally written and recorded during the Minutes To Midnight sessions, and was originally released on the Linkin Park Underground v6.0 EP. Which if you weren’t a part of the band’s fan club, you’ve never heard it before.

Stream it below and grab Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023) – featuring “QWERTY” and a bunch of other singles – right here. Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023) runs as follows:

  1. “Crawling”
  2. “Faint”
  3. “Numb/Encore”
  4. “Papercut”
  5. “Breaking The Habit”
  6. “In The End”
  7. “Bleed It Out”
  8. “Somewhere I Belong”
  9. “Waiting For The End”
  10. “Castle Of Glass”
  11. “One More Light”
  12. “Burn It Down”
  13. “What I’ve Done”
  14. “QWERTY”
  15. “One Step Closer”
  16. “New Divide”
  17. “Leave Out All The Rest”
  18. “Lost”
  19. “Numb”
  20. “Friendly Fire”

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