I believe we could all agree on this: When you became a follower of Jesus, it wasn’t so that you could kick back and relax. Actually, becoming a follower is just the beginning for us!  You are part of God’s plan, and God wants to show His goodness through you.

Here’s the thing: you didn’t have to work for your salvation.  It was a free gift from God. But now that you’ve got it, it’s time to share it enthusiastically with others. 

And life events are going to require your effort, too; God’s not going to shield you from tough stuff because He wants to see you grow. So, when life gets rough, don’t be surprised!

In fact, He wants you to step up every time life throws something your way, bringing all you’ve got to the task. Even so, you will triumph not by your own strength but by God working through you.

Rise to the challenge! It’s an opportunity for God to shine through you!

When times get tough, are your actions, thoughts, and feelings reflecting the change God continues to make in you? If you’re still reacting to adversity the way “the old you” would, then you probably aren’t living out the full life that God offers you.

Let’s ditch the sin of complaining and embrace a spirit of strength and willingness to face whatever challenges come our way.

I love how Psalm 18:29 says, “By my God I can leap over a wall.”  Because of God, we have the strength to get through any wall in our path.  In fact, we can view the wall as an opportunity.

Our main goal? To let Jesus shine through us!

That can only happen when our desires take a back seat, we quit complaining, and we become all about letting God work through us however He wants. Jesus never demanded anything of His Father, and we are not to make demands either.  

Instead, we can be like broken bread and poured-out wine, nourishing others with God’s love and grace as it shines through us.  

I am Wildly Cheering You! 

🤍 Alita 🤍 


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