Welcome to Writer’s Bloc, the series on Metal Injection where artists pick their favorite song from their brand new record and talk a little about it! For this installment, we’ve got Týr guitarist and vocalist Heri Joensen talking about the band’s new record Battle Ballads. Check out Joensen‘s answers below and get Battle Ballads here. You can also check out the entirety of the Writer’s Bloc series here.

What is your favorite song off your new record?

“Right now I would say ‘Causa Latronum Normannorum’, but it could change at any point.”

Why’s it your favorite?

“For a few reasons. ‘Causa Latronum Normannorum’ is based on a very short and simple melodic and harmonic idea, but I think we formed it into an epic and high-flying tune. It’s the first time we use Latin in our lyrics, and the Faroese parts I’m particularly satisfied with, which is unusual.”

Why wasn’t it a single?

“‘Causa Latronum Normannorum’ is not a song that catches the general public on the first listen, and it’s probably too long to be played in full on regular radio. But more specifically, we asked a high number of our friends to vote for the top 3 songs on the album, and we chose the singles based on that vote. ‘Causa Latronum Normannorum’ was not in the top 3.”

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