White Stones – the band headed up by Opeth bassist Martín Mendéz – is now streaming their new single “La Ira”. The single serves as an introduction to White Stones‘ upcoming record Memoria Viva, due out June 28. It’s also great for people who still complain about Opeth not being heavy.

“‘La Ira’ is a song reflecting on the power that greed has over our minds,” said Mendéz. “The awakening of ‘La Ira’ [engl. ‘the anger’] refers to our instinctive reaction about choices that affect humanity and life itself. It’s a song of hope; the hope of decisions for the betterment of the world we live in.”

Memoria Viva was recorded at Farm Of Sounds Studios, and mixed and mastered by Gerard Porqueres at Heartwork Recording Studios.

Mendéz adds: “Making an album in Spanish is something that I wanted to do for a long time. We tried it out with our second record Dancing Into Oblivion, but at the time we couldn’t convince ourselves that it worked on that album. This time we did and I feel very proud of the result.”

Vocalist Eloi Boucherie added: “One of the most notable aspects of this new album, apart from not setting any creative limits musically, has been the challenge of having proposed to sing in the Spanish language. It has been a very exciting experience and we believe we have found a new way to continue giving something new to the White Stones sound, and make this musical proposal something more unique!”

Pre-orders are available here.

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