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The ’90s had two very big rock movements – grunge, which hit the big time circa 1991 with Nirvana‘s Nevermind; and nü-metal, which blew up thanks to Korn‘s 1994 self-titled debut album. Pantera fit neither one of those categories, and defiantly went about their business making arguably the most devastating groove metal of the decade.

In a new interview with Drumtalk, Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake touched on Pantera‘s importance as a metal band amid the waves of grunge.

Pantera was an important thing early for us, I think, ’cause they were one of those bands there in the early ’90s when everything was just grunge, grunge, grunge and all over the place,” said Haake. “And they were one of the bands that, at least in Sweden, were doing great and were still selling a lot of albums. But metal kind of died down for a few years there… The ‘fuck you’ approach of that band was so over the top that you laughed at it, but it was also, like, ‘Yeah, that’s a pretty hard band.'”

He added: “Far Beyond Driven, Vulgar Display Of Power and Cowboys From Hell as well, those three albums, I think, they should be on any metalhead’s shelf. If they’re not, you’re missing something.”

Haake also touched on modern Pantera, commending Charlie Benante for the job he’s doing filling in for Vinnie Paul, but noting that it’s not quite the same.

“He wasn’t trying to fill every single 16th note with something. Now [Pantera is] out touring again, and [current Pantera drummer] Charlie Benante does a great job of it, and they’re using the same sounds and samples, so the kit itself sounds Pantera, so he does a great job of it. But it’s definitely… I don’t know. [Vinnie Paul] had a particular swagger when he played, and it’s a shame it’s gone, man.”

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