Heilung is now streaming their performance of “Traust” from the upcoming live album Lifa Iotungard, recorded live at Red Rocks in October 2021. Lifa Iotungard will invade your homes and perform ancient pagan rituals comes August 9, with pre-orders available here.

Lifa Iotungard runs as follows:

  1. “Opening Ceremony”
  2. “In Maidjan”
  3. “Alfadhirhaiti”
  4. “Krigsgaldr”
  5. “Hakkerskaldyr”
  6. “Svanrand”
  7. “Norupo”
  8. “Othan”
  9. “Traust”
  10. “Elddansurin”
  11. “Hamrer Hippyer”
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