Too much Claire in the background on Young & the Restless. Genoa City’s most boring angel goes to the stables & then to the carnival while Y&R fans remain nauseous.

This week’s Weekly #WTF on Y&R

Did Claire & Kyle Just Have Their First Date on Y&R?

Young & the Restless on CBS has been amping up their backgrounds. First Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) was superimposed into enjoying a giant rollercoaster. Now Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) got to enjoy a Ferris wheel ride at a local carnival on a beautiful day in Genoa City.

Claire in the background with Kyle & Harrison on Y&R, Ferris Wheel, Carnival.

Wait! Did Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) & Claire Grace just have their first date on Young & the Restless?

Kyle did call & ask Claire to meet him at the park. The call was as per little Harrison’s request, but it is obvious that Kyle has a crush on Claire, as Claire has on Kyle.

Will there be other rides in Genoa City on Y&R that Kyle & Claire go on but without Harrison?

Claire in the Background Sets up Victoria & Cole on Y&R

With Claire in the background, there is love in the air, according to Claire. As Claire’s dad Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) is working with Genoa City’s best attorney Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) to relocate Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) to a proper prison, Claire is nudging her mother Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) in his direction.

Claire in the backround at the stables with Victoria on Y&R.

How convenient?… Claire would like her long-lost parents back together again. Speaking of Claire’s long-lost parents who thought they buried her as dead after she was born, who’s baby was actually buried? It seems Victoria & Cole care about that dead baby about as much as they care about the dead woman found in the storage unit with Claire after she was kidnapped by Aunt Jordan.

Y&R Fans Gracefully Fast-Forward Thru Claire Grace

Superimposed background or not, Young & the Restless fans are increasingly fast-forwarding thru scenes including Claire Grace. She’s either squeaky clean & boring. Or, she’s damn clever & in complete control with something to rock the Newman Family at some point.

What do you think of Claire Grace? Do you fast-forward thru her scenes? If you’re not, do you think she should be Harrison’s nanny? Do you think she should pursue Kyle Abbott?

What about Victoria & Cole? Should they get back together? If they do, what happens when Victoria Newman reverts to her business-only self?

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