Back in July of last year, we reported about a game in which you could guess which Metallica deep cuts were played more than others on Spotify; and confirmed that the guessing exercise was a lot tougher than you could initially think.

Well, turns out that Gareth Evans, the creator of Higher or Lower game is now back with another version of the game, this time around for Slipknot.

“After receiving countless requests for a dedicated Slipknot game mode from fans, I felt the timing now was perfect, especially with the band’s ongoing 25th Anniversary tour,” Garreth explained. “With an unparalleled legacy in the heavy metal scene, Slipknot has inspired countless metal bands and amassed millions of devoted fans. Their impact on the genre makes them more than deserving of an exclusive game mode on Higher or Lower.”

Slipknot‘s music has a profound ability to evoke emotions, spark creativity, and forge connections among listeners. With this game mode, I aim to honor their musical heritage and pay tribute to their iconic status in the realm of rock and metal. I eagerly anticipate the response from the Slipknot community and am excited to witness just how high their dedicated fans can score.”

Ready to try your luck? Give it a go here.

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