Capra has sadly cancelled all their 2024 touring plans as guitarist Tyler Harper focuses on his mental health. We wish Harper all the best at this time, and look forward to seeing Capra back out on the road whenever they’re able to do so.

“These past 6 months have been rough on me mentally and I haven’t been capable of feeling like myself,” wrote Harper in a statement. “Losing my job, moving across the country, and struggling to find a balance while heavily touring these past few years has pushed me to a breaking point that has drained me and put myself at war internally.

“As grateful as I am for being able to travel and play music, it’s become harder to put myself in it entirely. I’ve gone back and forth thinking about this for weeks and ultimately in order to continue to do what I love long term, I can’t keep putting my mental health aside.

“With that said, all Capra shows for the remainder of the year have been cancelled. I know that this is disappointing but I have to make health the priority.

“This isn’t the end.

“Tyler // Capra

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