Leprous recently revealed details of their upcoming studio album Melodies Of Atonement, and now we get to listen to the first single, a track titled “Atonement”. The music video for the song was filmed in Poland and directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz.

‘Atonement’ is a different kind of single than what we’ve done before. It’s heavy, it’s catchy, and straight to the point. It’s a song we believe will unify old and new fans at the same time as it has a fresh and new sound…This is the sound of Leprous in 2024,” said Leprous frontman Einar Solberg about the single.

The band previously commented about the album: “Melodies of Atonement is the name of our new album and like every band on Earth thinks about their new album, we feel like it’s our best one so far! But in this case, it happens to be true… The orchestral elements are gone, which gives more space for each individual band member to shine. It’s straight to the point, and heavier than what we’ve been in a while… It’s a new sound. But it’s still Leprous. We can’t wait for you to hear it!”

Melodies Of Atonement is available in a vast myriad of pre-order configurations right here.

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