Ulver has released four singles between December 2023 and now – “Ghost Entry” in December, “A City In The Skies” in February, and now “Forgive Us” and “Nocturne #1” on May 31. Stream the two new melancholic singles below and grab ’em here on Bandcamp.

So why is Ulver going the singles route? Long story short, they’ve done enough “conventional” albums and have decided to just keep dropping songs until it comprises a full-length.

“Two more! Melancholy pieces, and with Nils Petter Molvær on one,” wrote Ulver in a post on Facebook. “This time we’re gonna keep dropping tracks till it becomes an album. It’s a backwards way, with no pre-order, promo people or anything, but that’s how we wanna roll. Quite liberating in these twilight years. We’ve made enough albums the conventional way, and the kids don’t care about that anyway.

“So feel free to spread it on the Tik Tok or what have you. Ultimately, you keep this old boat afloat through your conscious/subconscious acts of listening and whispering our name. Ulver xx”

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