Kanonenfieber is now streaming their new single “Menschenmühle” (or “Human Mill”), the first song and lyric video from their upcoming album, Die Urkatastrophe due out September 20.

On the new record and the single, Kanonenfieber mastermind Noise said: “The First World War accelerated the path to modernity and is considered the ‘Die Urkatastrophe’ (= ‘primal catastrophe’) of the 20th century, which was characterized by wars, violence and displacement. Around 17 million people, soldiers and civilians lost their lives, large parts of Europe were destroyed and unresolved problems were left behind, which led to further violent conflicts. This album is dedicated to the victims of the First World War, so they are not forgotten. May their fates be a warning for all following generations even after more than 100 years.”

Die Urkatastrophe was recorded with Kristian Kohle (Powerwolf, Aborted, Benighted, etc.) at Kohlekeller Studio, and features guitarist Maik Weichert of Heaven Shall Burn on the song “Waffenbrüder”.

Kristian Kohle said: “We worked hard to take the Kanonenfieber sound to the next level. This one is hands down more aggressive, deeper and more intense than anything they have done before. Buckle up!”

Maik Weichert added: “Kanonenfieber electrifies me both as a musician and as a historian. The relentless musical power and melodics as well as the detailed work with authentic sources are really something very special in this form. No flat clichés or superficial provocations, but a highly creative musical mosaic with a clear attitude that shows us one of the darkest chapters in human history. I am really looking forward to holding the finished record in my hands and immersing myself in the music and the stories.”

Pre-orders will be announced shortly.

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