Mayhem Festival is set to return in 2024 and 2025, with the 2024 iteration being a one-off festival and the 2025 version being a full-on tour like all the other years. The 2024 edition will be announced tomorrow, June 4 and Mayhem Festival organizers have let everyone in one some very specific teases leading up to it!

Mayhem Festival organizers took to social media to share the following numbers, this way the heavy speculation can begin:

  • Four bands returning to Mayhem Festival
  • 19 bands whose first time it is on Mayhem Festival
  • 15 bands whose performance will be their only one in California for the rest of the year
  • Three whose performance will be their return to California for the first time in over 10 years
  • Two whose show will be their first-ever in California
  • One whose show is their debut

Only four bands returning to Mayhem really torpedoes a lot of guesses using past lineups, so the announcement should be a pretty interesting one. To narrow things down just a little bit, The PRP shared the below screenshot from last week where one fan guessed a chunk of bands slated for this year.

Mayhem Festival Offers Some Hints About Their 2024 Lineup
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