Prepare The Ground 2024 hasn’t even wrapped up yet and organizers are looking toward 2025 already!

Prepare The Ground has just announced that Yob will headline the 2025 festival, taking place between May 30 and June 1 in downtown Toronto. Yob will play two separate sets at Prepare The Ground 2025 including playing their seminal 2011 opus Atma in full.

On having Yob for the 2025 edition, director & curator KW Campol said: “It is a true honour to welcome Mike, Aaron, & Dave as headliners for next year. Yob is one of the most influential and unique heavy music acts of our time and to have them grace our festival with two sets, including playing the album whose opening track is the namesake for our event, is a dream come true. We can’t wait to welcome them, and everyone, back to the heart of downtown Toronto for our second edition of the festival.”

On the inaugural edition and moving forward: “Having over a thousand people between our venues enjoying heavy music from a multitude of genres was awesome to witness. Instead of sleeping today we are already at work taking feedback to heart & optimizing how next year will run so we can continue to be better for artists and attendees alike. Our focus is to have the continuity of the curation aspect next year, to grow the art side, and to make the fest significantly more walkable & accessible. We have an ambitious yet realistic plan and we are running, not walking, into 2025 already.”

The festival has released a limited quantity of early bird tickets for people who know they want to come back, with a $165 CAD price point including all fees and taxes. Get ’em here.

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