Obituary worship from Canada has arrived and it practically demands you bang your head. Glutted Swarm recently released their debut …of Old and it’s exactly what the band advertises on their Bandcamp – “Obituary worship from BC, Canada.” Where …of Old succeeds isn’t that it does that stompy Obituary sound so well, but that it brings the band’s old-school sound into 2024 with its own flair.

You’re not gonna hear vocalist J.R. trying his best to rip off John Tardy, and drummer C.B. isn’t gonna give you that exact laid back Donald Tardy groove. It also helps that guitarist and bassist A.A. errs more on the side of James Murphy when it comes to solo. And that’s fine – worship and being a boring ass copy of a band are two different things, and Glutted Swarm falls squarely into the former.

Check it out below and get …of Old here.

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