Nightborn is now streaming their new single “Grave Madness” alongside a pretty gross music video. The single features Nightborn mastermind Arda K. wielding a guitar once owned by Gary Holt, drums performed by Krimh of Septicflesh and Dååth fame, and a mix and master that went down at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

“‘Grave Madness’ is about the darkness in people’s hearts and how they deal with their demons, as well as thoughts of death and the grave,” said Nightborn of the single. “The song conceptually takes these darker thoughts to an extreme level and explores someone going mad from their obsession with death and the grave.”

Nightborn will be releasing three videos in total from their 2022 Unhuman album this summer, with “Grave Madness” being the first. The aim is to prepare the audiences for the September release of their upcoming EP titled Hammer of the Heretic featuring all brand new material. The EP features Simon McKay (Agonist) on drums, Hubert Wiecek (ex-Decapitated, Dieth) on the bass, all produced by Pavel Daniels.

Unhuman is available here on Bandcamp.

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