And he said, if you really love people, you tell them the truth.

And so Alita, I made up my mind right?

Then, I mean, this is 40 years ago, this happened.

I said, God, I’m going to speak the truth, whether I’m rejected or not because that’s the way I can truly love people.

So that I think is one of the things that I love most about what you’re doing is you are challenging people to truly live in fear of the Lord and live it out every single day, not just acting like you are because I think it’s easy to act like you are, but to truly live it out.

So when we talk about the fear of the Lord, there is absolutely nothing unhealthy about it all.

I want everybody to understand that.

In fact, God calls in Isaiah 33 6, the fear of the Lord, his treasure.

The beginning of an intimate relationship with God is the be so the person who fears.

God loves that intimacy so much.

He’s actually terrified of losing it.

She’s terrified of losing it.

And I have discovered that there are over 40 unique promises that God makes over 40 to only those who fear God.

So toward the end of the book is where you really emphasize the promises I kept putting in the writing in there and saying I want this, this is what I want.

This is the type of intimacy that I want with God.

Women of faith’s mission is to help other women experience a deep relationship with Jesus.

And really, that’s just intimacy with God.

Listen, I’m proud of women of faith.

Thank you for equipping the daughters of God to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Thank you so much.


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