Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan is working on some riffs for the band’s follow-up to their 2022 album Divisive… and clearly he’s learned nothing from Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.

In an interview with 99.7 The Blitz, Donegan revealed that he’s got boatloads of riffs for potential new Disturbed material stored on his phone. Which went super well for Hammett way back in 2015 when he lost his damn phone, and all the riffs stores therein. So make sure you’re keeping track of your phone, Dan!

“When we’re out here [on the road], we just have to switch gears,” said Donegan. “Right now it’s been focused on the tour and the shows and the production. I do have probably a thousand riffs in my phone because I’ll just record stuff in the moment. I won’t get too married to it. I’ll just kind of put it in the vault.

“I’ll revisit it later — if I’m having a dry moment when I’m writing, I might revisit it and see if something strikes me again — but we’ll start out, a lot of times, of just going back to improvising and trying to capture something new in that moment. So I’d rather wait for that to happen first. And if I need to grab a riff here or there, if something’s not coming together, then I’ve got something to fall back on.”

And while a new record would be nice, a 25th anniversary tour would be pretty awesome too! According to Donegan in a recent interview with the Everblack podcast, Disturbed toying with the idea of doing such a tour.

“[No plans for a new album] yet,” said Donegan. “We’re loosely talking about it. Right now, this whole past year up to now, it’s all been touring mode. That’s all we’ve been focused on, is the tour. But you know, we’re thinking about what we’re going to do.

“We got big things to think about, on if we’re going to do a 25th anniversary tour next year, and if we do a new album, are we going to record it this year or the following year? So we got a lot on our plate. We got a lot to just sort out and prioritize what we want to do first.”

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