Seattle-based funeral doom unit Un has sadly called it quits. According to a statement from frontman Monte Mccleery, he chose to part ways with everyone in the band this March and has since moved on to a new project.

Un released two full-length albums – The Tomb Of All Things in 2015 and Sentiment in 2018 – as well as a split with Coltsblood in 2019.

“Hi. In March I made the extremely difficult decision to part ways with my bandmates in Un – effectively ending the band,” wrote Mccleery. “I wasn’t sure I would make a post like this, but for the sake of closure for all who were involved, I think it is necessary.

“I’m sure some folks will have some questions, but all I will say here is that it was my decision alone, but I did not make it with any malice or ill-intent. Their contributions to the success of the band over the last 10+ years can never be understated and I will cherish this period of my life forever. It was just time.

“For those who don’t already know, you can continue supporting Clayton and Alex in their current band Reburied. I’m sure David will eventually have a new project as well.

“As for me, I will begin rehearsals with a new band next week, and I will share details about that as soon as is appropriate!

“Thanks, see you when I see you.”

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