There are a lot of names thrown about when it comes to modern death metal, and who’s toward the top of the heap. I’d like to submit one that really should be brought up more often – English purveyors of unstoppable riffs, Celestial Sanctuary.

Celestial Sanctuary works fucking hard, man. The band released their debut album Soul Diminished in 2021; a split with Thorn, Fumes, and Perilaxe Occlusion dubbed Absolute Convergence in 2022; their second album Insatiable Thirst For Torment last year, and now they’re back this morning with a new EP called Visions Of Stagnant Blood (featuring a 10 minute destroyer of a closer).

And no, quantity doesn’t equal quality in some cases. But this is not one of those cases. Celestial Sanctuary seems to have an endless well of vile death metal somewhere in their realm, and you should all be here for it.

If you’re unfamiliar, take a scroll through their gory catalog below… and before they release something else. Go support ’em on Bandcamp here and make sure you check out Visions Of Stagnant Blood. Celestial Sanctuary isn’t joking when they said it’s their “darkest, heaviest and most evil material yet.”

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