Pantera hasn’t played the UK since 2000 and Ireland since 1993. That’s about to change in February 25 thanks to five dates the band has lined up. Check ’em out below and get your tickets here.

2/18 Glasgow, UK OVO Hydro
2/19 Leeds, UK First Direct Arena
2/21 Dublin, Ireland 3Arena
2/23 Birmingham, UK BP Pulse Live
2/25 London, UK OVO Arena Wembley

And who knows – maybe we’ll have a live album, or even more by that point? The topic of new Pantera material has been up for debate lately, though it seems Metal Injection readers are largely into the idea.

In a recent interview with, Pantera bassist Rex Brown was asked if he’d be down to write new material with Pantera. He responded: “Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I could tell you more but I’m not going to.” Of course the implication there being that there’s more to say on the topic than Brown is willing to reveal. So who knows – maybe new Pantera is already in the works? That, or Brown is just having some fun with everyone.

Wylde had previously spoken on the same topic with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, saying: “I think you would have to call [Pantera] something else [if new material were to be written]. You know what I mean? Pantera is those four guys. So, yeah, you can’t replace that.”

He added: “Yeah. If that was ever a bridge we crossed, we’d have to wait until we get there. But right now, it’s just the four of us celebrating what [the classic Pantera] created.”

Brown also touched on touring as Pantera without Dimebag and Vinnie Paul: “I call it Pantera. The show itself is a celebration of the lives of all four of us. Two are sadly not with us, and we cannot bring them back. God, do I want them back. But that’s just not possible.

“So we’re doing the best thing that we can to keep our music alive. And I think they’re smiling down and saying, ‘You guys are doing all right, man.’ And they’re with us. And I’m not shittin’ you.”

As for that potential Pantera live album, Benante said in an interview with The Vinyl Guide Podcast they’ve talked about it.

“Yeah. We talked about [a live album],” said Benante. “We’ll see. We record a lot, and it’s probably just spending time with it and see what shows are good, or take a song from this show or a song from that show and compile it for a live record. I would love to do that.”

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