This week’s top tracks include the glorious return of The Black Dahlia Murder, Shavo Odadjian debuting his new band Seven Hours After Violet, Fleshgod Apocalypse recounting a near death experience, Nails being as pissed as they’ve ever been, and more!

Check out the playlist on Spotify here and on Apple Music here. This week’s new additions include:

  1. “Aftermath” – The Black Dahlia Murder
  2. “Paradise” – Seven Hours After Violet
  3. “Bloodclock” – Fleshgod Apocalypse
  4. “Imposing Will” – Nails
  5. “Hands Of Sin” – Bleed From Within
  6. “Let You Go” – All That Remains
  7. “Visions Of Stagnant Blood” – Celestial Sanctuary
  8. “Sober” – Backbiter
  9. “Adamaster” – Vulvodynia
  10. “Hin Helga kvöl” – Sólstafir
  11. “Dishonour Enthroned” – Winterfylleth

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