Elephant Tree is returning to the world and a pretty big way! First up is the reissue of both their 2014 record Theia and 2020 album Habits, available now in physical formats.

Then comes the compilation album Handful Of Ten containing brand-new tracks, demos, and b-sides. You can check out the single “Try” above and pre-order the album – alongside the aforementioned reissues – right here.

“This was really a cathartic exercise in playing something a little different, written with an initial cast-away attitude after a few pints on a sweltering summer’s day,” said Elephant Tree guitarist and singer Jack Townley writes on behalf of the band.

“We don’t play faster songs often, let alone get space to add them to records. The subject matter is about someone conforming to try be a model citizen, not wanting to step out of line in fear of the repercussions. He tries his hardest to not express his alternate views while others around him conform and in the end it all boils over, leaving him feeling ‘forever lost’.”

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