The New Clean Mascara Gwyneth’s Obsessed With

Written by: Jean Godfrey-June


Published on: June 16, 2024

Gwyneth with goop beauty Featherlash Lifting Serum Mascara

Most of Gwyneth’s mascara experience has been on the red carpet, in movies, or at big events. “When you need a really major mascara—as I do on the red carpet—you need one, but I’d never found a clean one that did the job,” she says. “And day-to-day, I don’t often want a dramatic look. What I do want is full, defined, healthy-looking lashes.”

Creating a does-it-all clean mascara (clean is especially important with mascara, as your eyes are a direct portal into your body) was a journey. But we did it: The new Featherlash Lifting Serum Mascara is a treatment serum and plush, blackest-black, super defining mascara in one.

“What I love is you can do one coat for everyday situations and then three or four for big events in your life,” says Gwyneth.

Combining the best of both color and care, the mascara-meets-lash-serum supports lash health while it gives you inky-black, lifted, ultraconditioned lashes. And the patented brush gets at every lash for a wide-awake look.

  1. goop beauty Featherlash Lifting Serum Mascara

    goop beauty

    Featherlash Lifting Serum Mascara

    goop, $28/$25 with subscription



I’m amazed this formula is clean. Your lashes just look incredible—lush, inky-black, never smudgy. And it’s a full-on treatment serum, too. I’m obsessed.”


instant benefits

Builds for Lifted, Volumized, Longer-Looking Lashes

Lush, inky-black, and smudgeless: The mascara wakes up your whole face, whether you like a natural look or a super flirty one. A single coat delivers natural-looking definition right away; further coats up the drama significantly. The patented tapered brush gets to even tiny corner lashes to define and open up the eyes.

1 coat
2 coats
3 coats


said their lashes looked instantly lifted and volumized.*


said their lashes looked twice as long.*


said the brush reached every lash.*


said the formula lasted all day.*

*Based on a four-week third-party consumer-perception study of 34 women ages 30 to 55.

The Magic Combination: Brush + Formula

Made with a unique patented tri-cut brush with a tapered end and a wide end, Featherlash defines, lifts, and gets every lash (as it treats) for beautiful definition that lasts all day. It’s also remarkably easy to build and remove.

tri-cut brush, tapered end, the formula
tri-cut brush, tapered end, the formula

woman after featherlash lifting serum mascara

long-term benefits

Longer, Fuller, Stronger Lashes

Our lightweight clean formula is made up of Widelash™ (a potent biotin-peptide complex with provitamin B5), Tahitian microalgae (clinically proven to enhance lash density), and vitamin E (to condition lashes). It nourishes to support hair growth for soft, healthy-looking lashes. And it’s ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested.

Layers beautifully depending on how much drama you want.
Gwyneth posing
Easy to apply no matter what eye shape you have.
woman with featherlash mascara

At goop, Makeup Is Also Skin Care

We wanted makeup that felt luxurious to use—and that could nourish our skin in the process. So we took best-in-class skin-care ingredients and infused them with gorgeous colors.


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    goop beauty Colorblur Glow Balm

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    goop beauty Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio

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Wake up your lashes.

woman posing with featherlash mascara
woman posing with featherlash mascar

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